George Will: Conservatives should set sites on Congress … not White House

Editor’s Note: Conservative pundit looking across the landscape sees little change that Romney or Santorum can beat Obama and win the White House.

By TIM MAK | 3/2/12 8:33 AM EST

Columnist George Will says the 2012 presidential race looks like it might be a lost cause for Republicans and believes that the primary goal of conservatives should be to retain control of the House and win the Senate so Congress can restrain President Barack Obama while the GOP grooms its talent for 2016.

“Romney and Rick Santorum… are conservatives, although of strikingly different stripes. Neither, however, seems likely to be elected… If either is nominated, conservatives should vote for him,” Will writes in his upcoming Sunday column, obtained in advance by POLITICO Playbook by Mike Allen.

However, Will argues, that control of both house of Congress is more attainable and more important.

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Why Obama will win re-election

By the InkDemon

Shortly after their crushing victory in the 2010, some jubilant Republicans were sure that President Barak Hussein Obama’s days in the White House were numbered.

His approval numbers were down and unemployment was close to 9 percent. Republicans only needed to find a suitable opponent in 2012 and win back the White House.

Many things have changed since 2010.

Who would have thought that the Republicans would have devoured themselves in early 2012? Mitt Romney is the current frontrunner. He has yet to get a clear majority of the votes in any of the three primaries where GOP voters vote directly.

Meanwhile Obama has a billion dollar campaign war chest and has solidified his base on the left.  He is concentrating now on the independents (Indies).   The Indies will be the crucial voting bloc in the 2012 election.  What will Obama give them?

With war clouds gathering across the Middle East, Obama has removed all U.S. troops from Iraq. He is pulling out of Afghanistan. He has told Israel in no uncertain terms that he will not support an attack on Iran. The Iranians are indeed building a nuclear weapon and the means to deliver it.

Appeasement (peace) is the big carrot that Obama will dangle before the Indies for their votes. Lyndon Johnson used it to defeat Barry Goldwater in 1964.

By November the unemployment rate will be manipulated below 8 percent. Mr. O will give the economy a happy face and say he kept his promise to bring the unemployment rate below 8 percent. His big government advisors will put out the word that the crucial economic indicator, growth in Gross Domestic Product, will be 1.1 percent in 2013.  No one remembers that the GDP growth was once 4.24 percent.

The Main Stream Media including the Fox News Channel will trumpet the “Obama Economic Recovery”. Then the media will play Obama’s biggest trump card. They will “go Alinsky” and demonize the right and the Tea Party. They will try to connect the Tea Party with every “evil and hated” right-wing group in existence.

They will call the 2010 House of Representatives the Do Nothing Congress which put a drag on Obama’s economic recovery plans.  Campaigning against Congress worked for the Democrats in 2006 and as far back as 1948.

The media, the Democratic National Committee, and Obama will demonize the rich. Of course, later when the tax bill comes in, Obama’s supporters will find out that they are all “rich”.

The Ron Paul-ites will remember how they and their candidate were the victims of Alinsky tactics by their fellow Republicans. They will either find a third party candidate or fold their arms and stay home.

Will liberal politics trump religion?  Some staunch right wing Evangelical Christians will refuse to vote for Mitt Romney if he is nominated.  He is a cultist to them. Other Evangelicals will simply say that Jesus whispered in their ear to stay home or vote for Mr. O.   Many Indies won’t vote for Romney because the media will point out his ties to the Evangelicals.  It will be a circular firing squad.

Conservative members of the public sector unions will close ranks with their left-wing co-workers and vote for Obama.

Will it be another “Kumbaya moment” and 2008 all over again? The InkDemon fears that it will be.

Obama’s Approval: Long-term trends

President Barrack Obama has reverted to the campaign mode. 

This became apparent Thursday in his “major speech” on immigration.

Fox News analysts say that Obama is in the campaign mode.  This week besides his campaign style exaggerations about the failing economy, Obama seems to be reverting to what he believes worked for him in 2008.  

Just maybe it won’t work this time.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that:

The economy shed jobs in June as meager private-sector hiring failed to make up for the end of thousands of temporary census worker jobs, the latest signal that an already-slow recovery might be shifting into an even lower gear.

The graphic on he web site was more telling. LINK

The Journal added:

The unemployment rate declined to 9.5% from 9.7% in May, but not because more jobs were available. Instead, 652,000 workers dropped out of the labor force, meaning they weren’t counted as unemployed and looking for work.

The Rasmussen Poll reported that only 29% of the voters believe that Obama Stimulus helped the economy.   Some 43% believe it harmed the economy.

Perhaps what really turned Obama to the campaign mode was his poll ratings.  Rasmussen stepped back today and showed a graphic of Obama’s ratings going back to January 2009.  Here it is:

Rasmussen Approval Index

Obama has hit a new low.  If the ratings get any lower, will they go off the  chart?

Now that the election is over…

On Friday, May 8, the Vatican sharply criticized the University of Notre Dame’s plan to honor POTUS O-bow-MA.   POTUS is pro-abortion.  The Catholic church is anti-abortion. 

Before the election, abortion was not an issue for American Catholics.  Now that they have elected O-bow-MA, they suddenly have discovered their values!

According to the American Daily Review:

Now that the election is over all of the sudden the American Catholic Bishops discovered that abortion is an issue. Many Catholic dioceses in the United States sent out letters which left big moral loopholes prior to the election. Although they said abortion was evil many of the letters said something to the effect that overwhelming moral concerns might override a single issue. To maintain tax exempt status, religious organizations are not allowed to mention candidates by name in giving an endorsement but they are allowed to give guidance to conduct in accordance with belief.

For years now, hundreds of elected “Catholics”, from Senator Ted Kennedy to local aldermen in big cities, have been given a bye on the issue of abortion by the organized Catholic community. The reality is that the Catholic Church in America has for some time given politicians a free hand on abortion in the hopes that other programs like welfare would be preserved.

This blogger applauds that the Catholics have been awaken.  But this blogger wonders why all the abortionists who happen to be Catholics are getting a free pass?

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