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For Texas drivers, the distinction between free roads and toll roads is starting to blur.

Across the state, multiple projects are under way to add toll lanes to free roads, or to build highways with free and toll lanes alongside each other. While toll lanes, sometimes called express lanes, have been used for years in Houston, the state’s largest city, the concept is poised to spread to the next five largest cities in Texas. The trend is part of a larger boom of tolling projects sweeping the state as public officials find themselves with little tax revenue to spend on new roads. In Texas’ fast-growing urban areas, the addition of toll lanes can bridge the gap in financing for major highway projects.

The lanes are also more palatable to the public than full-fledged toll roads, according to Peter Samuel, editor of the Maryland-based Web site TOLLROADSnews.

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Ted Cruz offers new formula for Republican Party – The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News Washington Bureau
Published: 30 November 2012 10:04 PM

WASHINGTON — As Republicans regroup from their drubbing on Election Day, Texas’ Sen.-elect Ted Cruz is offering a prescription to rebuild: The party must be less timid toward Democrats, less hostile toward Hispanics, and more focused on upward mobility than on protecting big business.

“It’s easy to be demoralized, to look at these elections and throw up your hands in despair,” he told conservative activists at a fundraising dinner Thursday, but history teaches that “things can change very, very quickly.”

Republican hand-wringing and finger-pointing have been in full swing over the president’s victory and Democratic gains in the Senate. Cruz, a 41-year-old who takes office in six weeks, is already a heavy hitter among conservatives.

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