Gordon Brown sells his soul to the devil

That’s Right! They Are Jokers, Too

The London newspaper, The Telegraph, had this screaming headline:

Government has sold its soul to the devil over SAS deal with Libya

That’s right!  The British Prime Minster Gordon Brown cut a deal to release the Lockerbie Bomber.  In return, the Libya will allow British Petroleum to explore for oil.  Next we read that the British SAS – their version of the Special Forces – will be training Libyan troops!  THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!

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Obama, Hillary Knew BEFORE Lockerbie Bomber’s Release

Now what everyone thought has been confirmed: the pathological narcissist and U.S. president, Obama, and his gun moll, Hillary Clinton, knew about the Lockerbie bomber’s release.


They knew it before he was release and they did nothing!   …and they did it for OIL!  …British Petroleum (BP) oil.

‘The US was kept fully in touch about everything that was going on with regard to Britain’s discussions with Libya in recent years and about Megrahi,’ said the Whitehall aide.

‘We would never do anything about Lockerbie without discussing it with the US. It is disingenuous of them to act as though Megrahi’s return was out of the blue.

‘They knew about our prisoner transfer agreement with Libya and they knew that the Scots were considering Megrahi’s case.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1211495/No-10-turns-Obama-Clinton-criticising-decision-release-Lockerbie-bomber.html#ixzz0QQPCunlz

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