Anyone remember the YUGO?

Italian automaker Fiat is set to take over Chrysler.   O-Bow-ma forced Chrysler into Chapter 11 bankruptsy last week.  Fiat incidently has a “fine record” of selling auto’s in this country.  Does anyone remember the YUGO?  This boxy little piece of junk was the inspiration of a Paul Shanklin song.

Lyrics to In a Yugo:

As the snow flies….

At a used car lot on the edge of town

 a liberal guy and a liberal girl buy a YUGO

and they drive with pride ‘cause if there’s one thing

that this world needs

is environmental friends that will take the lead

in a YUGO

People don’t ya understand those Suburbans are running the land

But they wish they had a full size van one day

They are not thinking like you and me and they were too blind to see

Or do we simply use our heads and choose another way

As those small wheels turn …

50 miles to a gallon and your knees in the chest

they will save enough gas for all the rest


Then one day on the interstate, they suddenly lose control

They swerved to miss a baby duck

 and get squashed beneath a produce truck

But they drove with pride

As the crowd drives past the little flat car

They saved a little gas but they didn’t get far


As they’re trapped inside….

At a used car lot on the other side of town

A liberal guy and a liberal gal buy


And they drive with pride


Funny YUGO commercial.  

You Got Yourself a GovMo Dude!

A guest on the Fox News Channel Sunday morning (May 3)  said that the United Auto Workers now own 55% of Government Motors,  once known as Generals Motors.  That means the union will effectively run the failing auto company.

The question is will the union consider the long-term viability and competitiveness of GovMo or look after the pay and pensions of it’s members?   I know the answer to that question.
Meanwhile, O-Bow-ma forced Chrysler into Chapter 11 bankruptsy.   To compound the controversy, Italian automaker Fiat appears ready to take over Chrysler.  This will give Fiat access to the marketing and dealership network inside the U.S.   Who out there will drive a boxy little Fiat?  Take a look at it!  Will Americans drive these little cars, get squashed by trucks on the freeways, and send American dollars to Italy? 
I’m certainly not going to buy a GovMo or a Fiat!
Is that the O-bow-ma economic strategy?  OMG!  We’re doomed!