The U.S. Constitution — is it dead or dying?

History has shown that republics last on average about 200 years.  The United State is a republic underpinned by a Constitution.   As we stand today, that constitution is defunct.

Here’s why:

  • In Congress a large and powerful government agency has been found full of corruption.   That agency is the Internal Revenue Service.  Lois Lerner an IRS operative in Cincinnati, OH, may be at the center of some of it.
  • Lerner repeatedly evokes the Fifth Amendment and refuses to answer question, thus preventing the investigation to proceed.
  • Congress which has the Constitutional authority could find her in contempt but President Barack Obama’s Justice Department under the leadership of Eric Holder would have to prosecute her.
  • There is little chance that the Obama regime’s prosecutorial arm would reveal corruption inside itself.
  • The courts are powerless without the justice department
Constitutional toilet paper?

Constitutional toilet paper?

Meanwhile POTUS governs by fiat.   The representative democracy that was given checks and balances has been wadded up and thrown in the trash.  Right now the Constitution is simply a museum piece.

Most dismaying is that after 150 years and a civil war that cost a half million lives, some radicals talking about session.  What does that say?  That many don’t expect that would be the kind of compromising that made the Constitution a workable document.

This blogger remembers Ronald Reagan, who was elected along with a Democrat controlled House of Representative and a slim majority in the Senate.   Reagan proceeded to negotiate with the House members and formed a coalition of Democrats and Republicans.  That coalition formed a majority that passed Reagan’s program and turned a deep recession into prosperity.  That’s the way a republic should work.  That is the way the founding fathers envisioned that a republic should work.

That has been lost and along with it the fundamental document that it all depended on.



Tolling Texans: More Cities Planning Toll Lanes — Transportation | The Texas Tribune

For Texas drivers, the distinction between free roads and toll roads is starting to blur.

Across the state, multiple projects are under way to add toll lanes to free roads, or to build highways with free and toll lanes alongside each other. While toll lanes, sometimes called express lanes, have been used for years in Houston, the state’s largest city, the concept is poised to spread to the next five largest cities in Texas. The trend is part of a larger boom of tolling projects sweeping the state as public officials find themselves with little tax revenue to spend on new roads. In Texas’ fast-growing urban areas, the addition of toll lanes can bridge the gap in financing for major highway projects.

The lanes are also more palatable to the public than full-fledged toll roads, according to Peter Samuel, editor of the Maryland-based Web site TOLLROADSnews.

via Tolling Texans: More Cities Planning Toll Lanes — Transportation | The Texas Tribune.

Obama economist melts down on Cavuto Show

Obama spent a TRILLION DOLLARS and has produced no net jobs gained.

When Neil Cavuto on the Fox News Channel put that question to Obama’s chief economist his answer was to obfuscate and to change the subject.  Then when Cavuto pressed on the subject, he reverted to swearing.

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This is the Obama economy:

  • On Friday the Dow ended the week down 400 points!
  • June unemployment was up by 125,000. LINK
  • 500,000 jobless workers stopped receiving unemployment payments.  They ran out of benefits.
  • The unemployment rate rose to 9.5% only because of the 500,000 workers lost their benefits.
  • The state of Illinois stopped paying it’s bills.  LINK
  • 7.9 million jobs have been lost.  It’s likely many will never come backLINK

Euros Economic Depression Biggest Yet

The European Union is a deep, deep depression.  The Bank of England recently has informed it’s leftist government that the financially failing nanny state may have run out of the capacity to borrow any more money.

German has not been spared. Their economy is facing the an economic meltdown worse that Japan’s “Lost Decade”.

Read it here in the London Telegraph.

The declaration was made as it emerged that Eu-rope’s biggest economy has now suffered a worse “lost decade” than Japan and is deeper in recession than any other major economy.

On a day of dismal news for the European economy, official figures also showed that Italy, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands are facing their biggest combined slump in post-war history, sparking warnings about the potential for social unrest throughout Europe.

Now these are the economies that POTUS ObowMA is pointing to as a “shining example” of how America should run it financial policy.   These sagging, failing economies it appears did a lot to bring the American economy down and bring on the current recession.

Blogger American Thinker puts up the real numbers and show why it was NOT the Bush policy, but the socialist Euros who brought the world economy down.

ObowMA Continues to Spew Divisiveness

POTUS ObowMA continues to spew divisiveness in his speeches.  He spoke Sunday, May 17, at the commencement at the University of Notre Dame.

Everyone knew ObowMA, who is pro-abortion, would be controversial.  The Catholic Church is Pro-Life.  How can these two philosophies be reconciled?  They cannot, of course.

But ObowMA somehow thinks they can.  Just listen to his speech in the YouTube video I embedded in this blog.  He urged people who believe that taking a life is a moral sin to accept those who do not.  How can these two side come together?  Talk is cheap and ObowMA’s is just a cheap talker.  

One YouTube response stated it best:

…choosing to kill an innocent life is wrong. If a woman “chooses” to have sex, then how can she then “choose” to kill the product of her first choice? She can’t morally.

The debate rages on and cannot be solved by forcing one segment of the society to pay for and accept the immoral code of another segment of society.

The only “solution” is to declare abortion illegal and let those who want to murder, do so upon penalty of prosecution if they are caught.  It would in a way equivalent to consuming alcohol during prohibition.  The only difference, it would have the same penalty as murder.   These murders would be hard to detect.  Those communities who want to pursue it could do so. Local juries who cannot or will not vote to convict an abortionist or a woman who had one can vote to acquit.

One response on YouTube really flabbergasts me.  He wrote:

I’m Catholic and pro-life, and I support Obama 100%

Therein lies the irrational, maniacal thinking that propelled POTUS ObowMA to the White House. (eyes roll)

This YouTube response stated it well:

Obama—He’s not intelligent enough to speak his mind. See, Barack Obama doesn’t WANT people to know what he REALLY thinks. This is why he “uh’s” all over himself when OFF-prompter. He has to calculate his words very carefully to keep the lies effectively in place and accepted by the masses. Listen to ANY other intelligent person speak. They can speak in complete sentences while articulating their true beliefs. This is impossible for our president because he’s [perpetuating]  a fraud.

ObowMA’s Notre Dame Speech

Bush Was Right!

Spread this around before it is removed from YouTube.

This video clearly shows that George Bush warned Congress starting in 2001, that this economic crisis was coming, if something was not done. But Congress refused to Listen, along with the arrogant Congressman, Barney Frank.

This video says it all.  The liberal media reportedly did not want this video on YouTube; it was taken off.

This link is of the same video, but is routed through  Canada. Everyone in America needs to see this before it is  Yanked off the Internet again!  Let’s see how far we can spread it before it’s  Pulled it off the Canadian site

Is GovMo Near Collapse?

The top executives of Government Motors, once known as General Motors, Tuesday dumped hundreds of thousands of shares of stock in their own company!

This was reported Tuesday May 12 on the Fox News Channel and in the on line pages of the Wall Street Journal.

O-bow-MA’s bailout of GovMo has placed the United Auto Workers as 55%  majority owners of the failing company.  The question is will the new GovMo owners put the viability and future competitiveness of the failing automaker above the interests of the workers?  Perhaps the top executives have answered that question with they sell orders!

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