Dallas News’ Recovery Short Lived

Market Leaps, the News proclaimed.

The News says the market leaped, adding an Obama-esque hopeful tone. It was all a fantasy. On the next two days, the market plunges. Does that mean Hope has turned to despair?

You can’t make this up!   Well, the Dallas Morning News did anyway.  On Wednesday, May, 29, the News fronted a two-deck 72-point headline proclaiming Market Leaps as Hope in Recovery Grows!


Before the day was over, the market had fallen.  The Wall Street Journal said the fall all but erased the three previous days’ gains.  The NASDAQ and the S&P were down too. By Friday, May 31, the market toppled again.

Like I say… You can’t make this up.


Could this be America’s Kumbaya Moment?

By The InkDemon

Imagine a political season without contention and accusations.

Just think about a movement made up of high-minded thinkers on both sides of the political spectrum who have America’s best interest in mind.

Can you put all that together into a political party where everyone comes together and elects a humble, spiritual person to be a great president?

Just close your eyes, clinch your fists, tighten your jaw and imagine all that happening.  Now imagine when you open your eyes all this has happened!

It’s America’s Kumbayah moment!

Everyone is sitting with their arms around the person next to them.  They are swaying from side to side.  There is a big spiritual campfire, and everyone is singing:

Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya
O Lord, kumbaya ….

If you believe the Main Stream Media, this has finally happened.  It called America Elect.  It’s a true third party with more than a million signatures on a petition that will place a Kumbaya candidate on the ballot in every major state.


No third party has ever been successful in American politics.  There have been many third parties, but they all succeeded in electing the candidate whom the third-partiers did not want.

Think back to George H. W. Bush.  He was a waffling wimp of a president.  Americans loved his predecessor and longed for someone who could be the next Ronald Reagan.

Ross Perot succeeded in getting Clinton electedThat person of the moment was Ross Perot.  The billionaire was an instant celebrity on the Main Stream Media.  They all wanted to hear what he was saying.  Their questions came slow and easy.Bill   In the news business, it’s what is known as puff-ball questions. Perot looked great.  Perot sounded great.  Perot’s logic was “flawless” to many.

He succeeded in getting William Jefferson Clinton elected to the presidency.

Lurking out there are several potential third party “movements”.  These movements are all as “big” as the egos of the billionaires behind them.

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Excited MSNBC reporters say America wants America Elect

America Elect has a leader.  His name is Kahlil Byrd.

Would you believe Byrd was big-time Obama supporter in 2008 and has now turned into a “genuine” third partier with our interests at the center of his heart?

If you can believe all of that, the InkDemon has a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, too.  Below are links to web sites ready to help you to achieve your own Kumbaya Moment.

CNN: New group paves way for alternative 2012 choice

American Thinker: Americans Elect: Obama’s Third-Party Tar Pit

There other Kumbaya Moments out there.  One is the GOOOH movement.  Their silly leader was or is an executive at Dell Computers.  He wants to completely replace every House of Representatives member with a GOOOH geek. 

Kumbaya, my Lord.  Kumbaya! 

The leader of this “movement” wants your money.  With your money in his fist, he will assemble a gaggle of Democrats and Republicans who will change (forever?) the House of Representatives.

His name is Tim Cox.  He’s armed with a Power Point demonstration that has “flawless” logic exactly like Ross Perot.

In reality, Cox like Ross Perot is just an empty suit.

The only way to defeat Obama and restore America to greatness is by electing the best available Republican candidate and then HOLD HIS FEET TO THE FIRE when he assumes office! 

Otherwise, we will be ruled by THEM!

Where do most Americans get their information?

The daily newspaper and the tried and true afternoon news is long gone.  It’s all propaganda now.  Fox News had it followers believing that Obama would be defeated and a zombie-like Mitt Romney would be the replacement.  We know now that was not true.

Now Fox is playing major damage control by brining up the Benghazi incident.  Who cares?  Practically, no one.  The media — not just the news media — has created a fake, artificial universe that most people accept as real.  So what is wrong with that?

It is unreliable. Most people do not get their information from the news media anyway.  They get it from the following:

  • Comedy shows
  • Late night television
  • Day Time soap operas
  • Three-minute news segments during the day.
  • Their “friends”
  • Their union boss or union steward  or union publication
  • Sit coms
  • Movies

What has the media created?

Many – probably most – men spend much of their time drinking beer and watching ESPN.  They don’t know anything.  Older men want entitlements to pay for the medical bills they created by abusive, compulsive, obsessive, and risky lifestyles.

Women want entitlements because they are mostly (YES! mostly) unmarried and have a family to raise.  Younger women want entitlements because they are afraid they will get pregnant and will need money for an abortion or medical bills for STD’s. They love to party, get tattoos and have sex. The poster child for this group is  Casey Anthony. They believe they are not getting a “fair shake” in the labor market, and they want the government to make it up somehow.

White Christians believe voting liberal is not WWJD, but WJWD.   (What Jesus Would Do.)   They have some crazy mixed up theological ideal.  They have no idea what Christianity really is.  They want to send our sons to fight over a pile of rocks in Israel.  They don’t think about the consequences.  They don’t believe it may be their sons.  They don’t think past WJWD.  As far as redistribution and entitlements are concerned, isn’t that WJWD?  Of course!

Minorities want entitlements because they don’t want to work when they don’t have to.  They have been told and believe that their backs and their hard work created the whites’ wealth.  Now, they want it to be redistributed.  After all, that’s what they have been promised?

The Ant and the GrasshopperStudents and young people have been politically corrected in school.  They somehow believe they are the “99 percent” and everyone else is the “1 percent”.   After all, they never learned math in school.  They were too busy being politically corrected, smoking dope, listening to MTV, thinking about sex, and watching sports to think about the future or the Constitution.

It’s like the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper.  It doesn’t register with  them.  They cannot read anyway!  They live in a Tele-Visual universe.  The only morality tales they know were spoon fed to them on MTV, the movies, and ESPN.

They all will get what they want too … at least for a while.

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