Fox Web Site Blows Away Competition

The Fox News Channel’s web site is blowing away all competitors. 

I ran a comparison using the tools in

Fox News Channel has been leading all other media outlets in providing fair and balanced information about the Tea Party Movement, town hall rancor by angry voters, and the lies of the Obama-care spin machine.

Fox News’ web site reached almost 11 million unique visitors per month in June and July.  These are the latest statistics for the web sites.  August statistics are not available. (green line on the chart) took a big dip in June and continued to plummet in July.   Meanwhile, CBS continues to lag. is a distant fourth.

The New York Times web site hardly made the scale.   All of the media giants except for Fox News is having trouble staying ahead of (not on this scale) which is an independent website with no associated TV channel.

NBC’s Contessa Brewer melts down in Ziegler interview

Now days, Sarah Palin’s life is fair game for every hack news presenter and comic on the left.

Recently, David Letterman’s top ten list include Palin.  That prompted a Palin declaring the slight despicable.   TV talk show host was interviewed on NBC and this is the result.

The interview shows that Contessa needs to go back to Teleprompter 101.

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That’s right Contessa!  Cut the mike!