Living and loving life atop the Barnett Shale

Loving life atop the Barnett Shale

Loving life atop the Barnett Shale

Eco-activism is a phony ‘Religion’

Don’t say it’s not.  Because it is.  Here’s why.  Whenever a belief is spread around with little real proof, one must have faith that it is true.  No one can look into a hole and tell what is going on.  No one can tell why water taste or smells the way it does.  It out of sight, but not out of mind

Eco-activists go on phony “faith”.  They attach themselves to phony “god-like” people and hold onto their phony faith.  Yes!  It’s like a religion.

They have:

  • A ‘jesus’.  He’s Al Gore
  • ‘disciples’   They number in the thousands and can be seen on TV and in Congress.
  • ‘holy water’ in the form of marijuana.  I call it ‘Holy Hooch’.  There’s always a drug involved in phony religions.  It’s their Koolaid.
  • ‘mother mary’   in the form of any actress or actor who bothers to show up.
  • ‘mary magdalene’  in the form of whatever female or male who wants to have sex.  Sex is a very important thing when phony religions come into play.
  • ‘gospels’ written by phony disciples and kookie dope smokers.  The early Christians had scores of gospels until an emperor culled them out.   As it stands now, anti-frackers have scores of phony ‘gospels’, too.
  • ‘letters’ written by kookie people make up the foundation of this so-called religion.  The epistles are social media posts or tweets.

Here’s the reality;  Drive on U.S. 380 from Denton, Texas, to Post, Texas.   Along the way you will see drilling rigs tapping the Barnett Shale.  You will see pump jacks pumping, You will see new roads and bridges, new homes and businesses, new government building and schools.   The ranchers have new American made pickups.

The air is clear and fresh.  The night sky is clear and the stars twinkle.  The milky way is bright and beautiful.

It’s the Barnett Shale.

When I was working for an petroleum company in Fort Worth in the middle 1980’s, they were using hydraulic fracturing technology .  They only had the technology to do fracture vertically.  Now they bend the shaft and go horizontal. It was perfectly understandable to me.  I had studied geology and mineralogy at Texas A&M University.

They knew then about the enormous amount of hydrocarbons in the Barnett Shale, but did not have a way to get it out of the ground.  I went to work for another company and lost contact with the petroleum business.  I wish I hadn’t left.


The Fall of America

By the Inkdemon©

America begins a long downfall.

Chinese Army crosses the Yalu River

Throughout history nations have arose, plateaued, and fallen.  Some fell hard and were obliterated.  Some went down easy.  Some events that brought empires down also brought with it dark evil times.

Remember, in history all empires fall.  Some fell sooner; some fell later.

Why is it not safe to assume that the United States of American will follow?  Oh, You may say, “We are different.  We are a democracy.”

First, we are not a democracy.  The U.S. is a republic. It was never meant to be a democracy.

In fact, democracies all fall.  Here’s the clincher: Republics have all fallen, too.  Only a few republics remain.  The Roman republic only last about 200 years.  The Athenians had a democracy, which lasted even shorter.  Athens is only rubble now.  Rome is mostly rubble.  Oh sure, there cities there.  They were rebuilt.

We know that each fall came after some event or series of events.  The Romans had numerous civil wars, which did not seem to harm them.  It is clear then it fell from within.  Eventually, they were too weak to repel the barbarians who invaded with small armies.  The Romans were forced to accommodate barbarians, who retained their language and culture.  That’s explains why Latin as a language is a dead.

The Athenians fell after the 40-year Peloponnesian war with their rival Sparta.  Athens could not hold it together politically during the long war.  They fell again to Macedon.  They fell again to the Romans.  Then the Ottoman Turks took them down again.

History indicates these great empires did not know that or when events happened to set them on a downward spiral to oblivion.

Could the United States have already reached it peak?  If so, has it started down.  Is there some date these  future historians will look as the late great United States of America and say, “AH!  HA!  That’s it!’

Yours truly, the Inkdemon believes he can identify that date.

First, remember this: The U.S. has not won a war since 1945.  Wars have continued.  We had these wars:

  • The Korean War.  Officially called a conflict.  No peace was reached and we must remain to maintain the fragile peace.
  • The Viet Nam War.  Some say we won.  I say we were chased out.
  • Operation Desert Storm.  We drove Iraq out of Kuwait.  That’s all.  Then we left.
  • The Cold War.  We didn’t really win.  The other side stopped “fighting”.
  • The Iraqi conflict.  We won in one sense, but then we did not have the economic will and more importantly the political will to stay.  They won.  Then ISIS took over.
  • The so-called War on Terror.  The U.S. gave up on that one.  Only a few troops remain in Afghanistan.

Is there one point in time, an incident that future historians can point to and say, “That’s it!”

First, let’s go back to the Korean War.   The date Sept. 27, 1950, ” when President Truman authorizes General Douglas MacArthur to order his forces to pursue the retreating North Koreans across the 38th parallel, into North Korean territory. This decision marks a fundamental enlargement in American war arms, now expanded from merely rescuing South Korea to rolling back the Communist regime in North Korea. Truman’s orders direct MacArthur to keep pushing northward as long as he does not encounter Soviet or Chinese opposition and he remains confident of victory.” according to this timeline online LINK

However, the communist Chinese surprised the over-reached American Army and attacked around the Chosin Reservoir.  Here it is:  The date is Oct. 25, 1950, when the Chinese Army crossed the Yalu River.

“The massive Chinese intervention into the Korean conflict catches American military leaders completely off guard, leading to a series of crushing defeats. American prospects in the Korean War deteriorate rapidly, as hopes of imminent victory give way to a desperate struggle to avoid defeat.” LINK

The moment the Chinese Army crossed the Yalu spelled defeat.  Many historians have spun it as a victory.  It was not!  It was a defeat!  Americans were driven from North Korea.  The war never ended.  There is no peace treaty.  There is only an armistice.  The Inkdemon also believes there never will be a peace treaty and never will  be a re-unification of the people of Korea.

Oh sure!  The American leaders could have ordered a nuclear war, but they didn’t.

Since that date Americans have no issue with retreating and claiming a  victory.  America as it stands today has not the political will to win in Korea much less in any another place.

At some point, most failing republics start a slow descent then circumstances hasten that descent until it is in free fall.  America is in free fall.  Few know it.